13 Simple Tips To Lose 20+ Pounds Without Exercise

Think it's impossible to lose at least 20 pounds without exercise? Wrong! Implement some of these simple changes into your life and you will lose weight and keep it off, no exercise needed!

Struggling to reach your weight loss goals? Having trouble cutting back on calories consistently? Implement some of these simple changes into your life and you will lose weight and keep it off, no exercise needed!

We all want to lose weight and it is definitely possible for anyone to achieve with these simple changes. Whether you’re looking to lose 10, 15 or 30 pounds – these 13 simple tricks will help you reach you lose weight and keep it off. What’s better is when they become habits you won’t even notice you’re doing them, and none of them require you to exercise!

We know the best way to lose weight is to reduce the number of calories we eat each day. This often starts out as an easy task, but as we continue to drop weight and drop calories, it becomes much tougher. Therefore, we want to make sure we lose weight slowly. We do not want to cut back too many calories at once, otherwise we become too hungry and end up falling off the bandwagon.

Making simple calorie saving cuts throughout the day will help us decrease a few hundred calories from our diets, without even noticing. Once we do this we’ll consistently see the numbers on the scales lower and feel much more motivated.

Simply shaving 50 calories from your meals each day for a year you’ll lose 5 pounds; double that to 100 calories you’ll lose 10 pounds; and double that again to 200 calories and you’re looking at 20 pounds of fat gone, for good! So here are the no-exercise tips that’ll have you shaving calories off your diet each day…

Eat Plain Yogurt

There are numerous benefits to eating yogurt, but if you buy the ones filled with fruit flavoring or other “toppings”, you are adding 100+ calories to diet. If you stick with just plain non-fat yogurt, you will only be taking in 90 calories. If you want to add some toppings, try some low-calorie healthy options such as oats or blueberries.

Want dressing? On the side please!

When eating at a restaurant, you may feel that you are taking the healthy route by ordering a salad. However, that salad is dripping with 300-400 calories worth of dressing! Instead, ask your server to give you the dressing on the side, this way you can sprinkle a little on and save 150+ calories.

Switch your Meat

Instead of eating a filet mignon, next time you’re at the butcher or a restaurant, order the sirloin tip side steak instead. This type of steak is a very flavorful cut of beef and contains more protein and less fat. It will also save you 130+ calories for every 3.5 oz.

Eat Fresh Fruit

Instead of drinking fruit juice which is high in calories, and will also make you feel hungry because of the added sugars, mix things up with some fresh fruit. So instead of orange juice, have an orange! Orange juice is roughly 230 calories where as an orange is only 60, that’s 170 calories saved! Dried fruit is also okay, however fresh fruit is your best option.

Cook at Home

By cooking dinner at home, you will consume around 250+ calories less than if you got take out or ate at a restaurant. If you stay home to eat, make sure you cook yourself. Lots of frozen meals contain high amounts of fat and carbohydrates so you are still racking up the calories. Stick with cooking yourself with fresh ingredients.

Side Salad Instead, Please!

If you eliminate the side of French fries, potatoes, chips, etc. and instead opt for something healthier, you will reduce your calorie intake. You can save calories by asking for a side salad. If you are really craving those French fries, what you can do is get the kid-sized fries to curb your craving, but also still save 150+ calories.

Go for Light Beer

To save yourself at least 50 calories a beer, make sure to ask for a Miller Lite over a Budweiser. When you have multiple drinks, they add up quickly and saving those calories each beer will be much better for your waist line.

Use Cauliflower instead of Rice

Cauliflower is a great food because it is low in carbs and low in calories. You can use cauliflower to make pizza crust, mashed potatoes, and even fried rice. By using cauliflower instead of rice, you will save 145 calories. You can create many delicious recipes by substituting with cauliflower, and this is a much healthier option.

Sauté with broth not oil

If you are making stir-fry or sautéing vegetables, add a couple of tablespoons of low-sodium chicken broth to your pan. Make sure you get it nice and hot, and then add in your vegetables. By removing the olive oil from the pan, you are reducing your calories for this meal by 120+ calories.

Swap Spaghetti for Squash

Most people feel an easy go to dinner is pasta. All you need to do is boil some water and a couple of minutes later you have yourself a dinner. Yet, that dinner is high in calories and carbs. Instead, make spaghetti squash! This stringy substitute to spaghetti will allow you to eat more veggies and it only is 30 calories per cup.

Instead of Crackers, Choose Apples

Next time you’re at a party or you have some wine and cheese with your friends, don’t put out crackers. Swap out the crackers and add slices of apples. Not only are you eating less carbs, you are getting vitamins and fiber from the apples. You can eat an entire cup of apple slices for the same amount of calories as only four crackers.

Make your Sandwich a Salad

Two slices of bread on your sandwich is over 200 calories and you haven’t even gotten to the fillings yet. You can either take your sandwich meat and make it into roll ups, or add your sandwich meat to a salad and drizzle some dressing on top without overloading it.

Get some Sleep!

All of us could use more sleep! It not only benefits our energy levels, as we all need rest, but it helps shed pounds off your belly too. If you stay awake late at night, you are more likely to consume high-calorie and high-sugar foods. On average, people who go to bed an hour earlier than usual cut almost 500+ calories than on days when they stayed up later.


Think it's impossible to lose at least 20 pounds without exercise? Wrong! Implement some of these simple changes into your life and you will lose weight and keep it off, no exercise needed!

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