3 Secret Tricks To Get Rid Of Cellulite Forever

Is stubborn cellulite stopping you from wearing your favorite bikini?

Learn how to get rid of cellulite while losing weight.

Excess fat is the main cause of cellulite and this in-depth guide will help you on your way to reducing cellulite today.

Cellulite stopping you from wearing your favorite bikini? Learn how to see a drastic difference in just 14 days while losing weight (up to 16 pounds)!

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to get rid of cellulite?

You’ve probably tried everything but still find yourself suffering from the unattractive, lumpy and dimpled skin cellulite leaves us with.

It appears on your legs, butt, arms, tummy and a number of other parts of your body, gross!

If you’ve spent time researching ways to rid yourself from the so-called “orange peel” don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one!

Many women, if not all, are just like you.

In fact, 80 to 90 percent of all women are affected by cellulite.

They’ve spent a lot of time, hard-earned money and energy hoping to discover a miracle to cure this frustrating skin problem.

Sadly more often than not they’re left with short term results or none at all.

There are a wide number of products and procedures on the market that promise a cellulite-free body.

Magical thermo-activated creams that promise to rid you of the lumps and dimples for a hefty fee.

Invasive laser therapy or dangerous fat removal surgeries that offer short term results and come with a number of serious risks. No thanks!

None of these have lasting results because they don’t address the main cause of cellulite – excess fat.

Before you take another step further though, I suggest that you to read through this article and discover the real facts about why people have cellulite.

If you follow the advice in this article I guarantee you’ll reduce your cellulite and possibly even rid yourself of it altogether.

Almost Everybody Has It

If you think you are the only one with the dimples and bulges, think again.

An article published in Medical News Today showed that around 80 to 90 percent of women suffer from cellulite.

Men also suffer from cellulite but to a lesser degree due to lower body fat levels.

Most commonly, these lumps and dimples are found protruding on the arms, the belly, the buttocks and the thighs.

However, for some people cellulite gathers around less visible areas like the neck and the chest.

So now you know you’re not the only one suffering from cellulite.

Even men get it, sometimes just as bad as women but due to today’s image standards, it’s not as big a deal to them.

Where Does Cellulite Come From?

Cellulite occurs due to a disproportion in the connective tissues of the body due to excess body fat.

When fat deposits push through the tissue underneath your skin, cellulite is formed.

This creates the “orange peel” look on the surface of the skin where it is present.

So, higher body fat means more cellulite, which is why people diagnosed with obesity contain more severe amounts of cellulite on their bodies.

However, being overweight or obese is not the only reason for cellulite.

Everyone, to a certain degree, will have cellulite on their bodies.

Regardless of weight, body size and shape, nobody is exempt!

It’s just more visible and severe when we have a higher percentage of fat in our bodies.

Genetics – A Factor But Not An Excuse

So your mom has a slow metabolism.

Your dad can’t seem to trim down regardless of how much exercise he does.

Your grandfather suffers from hypertension, and your grandma has hormonal imbalances.

All these health problems and disorders are known to cause cellulite.

It may just be bad luck that your genes make you more prone to being affected by cellulite.

So some of us get pretty looks from our ancestors, and some of us get cellulite, awesome!

But don’t worry, even if you drew the short straw and are more prone to cellulite there is still a lot you can do to reduce its appearance, so keep reading.

Medical Conditions Can Trigger Cellulite

Think about your state of health right now and be honest.

If you aren’t in the best of shape, you are more prone to having cellulite.

Although cellulite is not a disease, it is far more common if you’re overweight.

However, there are a number of illnesses that cause you to gain weight, which in turn gives you cellulite.

Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Diabetes and Depression can all cause weight gain.

Before you try other methods to remove the lumpy, dimpled skin be sure to check with your doctor that you aren’t suffering from one of these conditions.

Hormonal Imbalances Play A Role

Estrogen plays a big role in the changes and the shape of a woman’s body.

It encourages the body to build up fat and store fat.

Changes in the estrogen levels of the body can aggravate the growth of cellulite.

Cellulite is often worse during pregnancy and menopause, again because of weight gain.

It’s also known that high levels of the insulin hormone can play a role in developing cellulite.

Weight gain is the most common side effect of those who take insulin.

How Bad Is My Cellulite?

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of different levels of cellulite.

So, ask yourself, “How severe is my cellulite?”

Like all of us, I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time looking at the areas of your body affected by cellulite.

There’s actually a severity scale that can be used to determine just how bad your cellulite is.

Level 1 –  To your eyes, you cannot see any visible signs of lumpy, dimpled skin at this level.

Level 2 – Cellulite is easily detected once the area is pinched.

Your skin feels thick and tender around the area where you have it.

Once you pinch your skin, you see lumps and dimples.

Level 3 – If you can see some lumps, bulges and dimples around your thighs, your buttocks and other parts of your body as you stand, then your cellulite level is already in level 3.

Level 4 – If you can see lumps, bulges and dimples in whatever position you are in, then you’ve reached the height of the cellulite levels.

Don’t worry, there’s work to be done!

How To Reduce Your Cellulite Today

Remember, the best and most effective way to reduce cellulite is to lose weight and overall body fat levels.

By exercising and replacing the fat with added muscle you’ll only increase the amount of weight you lose and therefore reduce your cellulite even more.

1. Eat Well. Eat Healthy

Your choice of food is very beneficial to maintaining a healthy you.

If you really want to eliminate the bulges, you’ve got to start eating the right kinds of food.

Cut off from your carbohydrate and sodium intake, these both make you bloated and leave your skin retaining more water.

Carbohydrates, especially sugars are cellulite’s worst enemy.

Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is important because it is necessary for the production of collagen and has a vital role in repairing red blood cells.

Both of these will help to reduce cellulite.

Getting a good amount of green leafy vegetables in your diet is also great for cellulite.

They’re rich in collagen and encourage healthy skin, as well as acting as a preventative measure of cellulite formation.

2. Exercise And Build Muscle

Adding some lean muscle to your body will have you burning more calories and reducing your body fat.

Exercise combined with a healthy diet will be your two biggest weapons in the war against cellulite.

Not only will you reduce the lumps and dimples, but your body will appear more toned and trim.

When you exercise you will improve your heart health, increasing the blood circulation throughout your body and skin.

This will help to reduce and improve the appearance of your current cellulite as well as prevent future cellulite from forming.

The main benefit will come from the weight loss obtained by exercising and a reduction of your body fat level.

3. Remember To Massage

According to studies by the Journal of Cosmetic Science, a good way to relieve cellulite is to apply creams containing retinol and caffeine to the affected areas.

Some tanning, firming and anti-aging lotions can also help cover up the bulges, but these usually only work short term.

While incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle you can massage areas affected by cellulite in a circular motion to aid in smoothing the skin.

Remember to set goals and reward yourself when you get the chance!

Treat yourself by visiting a massage center and get a good full body massage, this will help smooth the skin and motivate you too.

Cellulite stopping you from wearing your favorite bikini? Learn how to see a drastic difference in just 14 days while losing weight (up to 16 pounds)!

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