16 Secrets Millennials Use To Lose Weight

Wish you could turn back the clock and regain your youthful body? Check out these 16 incredible secrets young women are using today to keep them slim and help them lose weight! #loseweightquick #weightloss #fatloss #fitnessmotivation

Wish you could shed pounds like when you were younger? Want to turn back the clock and get your youthful figure back? Learn the secrets of how today’s millennials manage to stay slim!

Millennials are famed with being preoccupied with healthy eating, fitness and wellness. Staying fit is easy for them partly because they are young, but they are also well informed and careful about their daily choices. Steal their weight-loss tricks, no matter what your age, and get your youthful figure back. You’ll feel and look years younger!

1. Take a Class, Join A Gym

These days you’ll be hard to find a 20-something woman not having a gym membership or attending workout classes. Instagram fit inspiration pages play a huge role in today’s gym popularity.

So join a gym today and signup for a few classes. This way you’ll meet new friends who’ll hold you accountable and this will provide you 24/7 motivation.

2. Spend More Money on Organic Food

They may have student loans to pay off, but that doesn’t mean that 20-somethings eat cheap food. About 30% of them spend a lot of cash on organic foods. In fact, millennials spend 14 times as much on food as an average middle-class family.

This definitely pays off – organic foods are free of chemicals that can mess with the fat burning processes of the body and make it difficult for you to lose weight. We only get one body, so don’t sacrifice when it comes to your health – spend more on healthy food.

3. Make Your Diet Part of Your Identity

Labeling yourself based on your dietary choices is a modern thing to do and can also be very useful for weight loss. You are more likely to stick with a healthy habit if you identify with it. You won’t order dessert if you’ve told everyone “I’m a Weight Watcher” or “I’m on The 2 Week Diet“, right?

4. Stay Consistent

Going to the gym is a regular part of millennials’ routine. About 90% of them fit in four hours of fitness per week, which is more than the recommended two and a half hours, says a Technogym study.

If four hours per week seems like a lot for you, break that time down to 34 minutes per day, or 48 minutes per day from Monday to Friday. Don’t forget that recreational activities like hiking, walking, and swimming also count. A family hike or bike ride might fit perfectly into your weekend routine and provide you that extra fitness.

5. Eat the Rainbow

As we learn in health class – the more color on your plate, the better. Millennials often opt for salads with varieties of fruits and veggies rather than a sandwich with meat and high calorie spreads.

All calorie-filled foods like burgers, fries, and pasta have pale colors, while healthy things like veggies and fruits have vibrant colors. Remember this: more color often means fewer calories.

6. Go to the Farmer’s Market

If you want to get fresh products for less money, go to a local Farmer’s market. You won’t find or buy processed foods that slow down your weight-loss progress there.

And, while you’re there, experiment with some new products that will make weight loss nutrition more enjoyable. They can also be a fun way to teach your kids about healthy choices, so make it a family event!

7. Avoid Eating Out

Health-minded millennials avoid eating out because an average main dish in a restaurant contains 1500 calories. Try not to eat out more than two times a week and when you do, choose wisely.

8. Involve Your Friends

Many young people have replaced the dinners and happy hours for boxing classes and gym sessions with their friends. ‘Social exercise’ makes it less likely for you to skip a session and it also makes exercising more fun and enjoyable.

9. Get Informed

The Internet and today’s technology provides 20-somethings with all the necessary information about eating healthy. The people they follow on social media are often providing them with extra information and motivation to be healthy.

Documentaries like ‘Food Inc’ and ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ persuade them to be more careful about their lifestyle choices. Make it a priority to learn about healthy eating and wellness – it’s only a click away!

10. Forget the Soda

Regular and diet soda sales have declined in recent years and 20-somethings are to blame for it. They are learning more and more about the negative effects of chemicals and artificial foods. Research has proven that artificial sweeteners lead to a higher BMI and contribute to weight gain.

Women, on average, lose around five pounds after they stop drinking diet soda filled with artificial sweeteners. You should replace your soda with a detox water, Kombucha or unsweetened tea – all popular choices with the new generation of health-minded foodies.

11. Eat Small, Eat Often

We’ve heard it time and time again, eat small meals often. The healthy-minded millennials of today are all about mini-meals. Replacing meals with healthy snacks every three hours keeps blood sugar levels consistent, provides the body with necessary nutrients, and controls cravings for fat or sugary foods.

Efficient fat burning is crucial for long-term weight loss and you’ll get that by having keeping your meals small and having them often. Hummus, fruit, and vegetables are snacks rich in protein that will satisfy your cravings.

12. Add Probiotics

Millennials are extremely interested in probiotic products like yogurt and Kefir because they help maintain the good gut bacteria. These healthy bacteria help increase your metabolism which is crucial for weight loss, especially as we get older and our metabolisms naturally decline.

13. Selfies Anyone?

Smartphones are basically an extra limb for millennials. They are constantly sharing daily moments or snapping selfies. There are 175,334,4000 photos using the hashtag #food and 67,562,438 posts using the hashtag #gym on Instagram.

These numbers are constantly increasing. Many young people are using social media as a food and fitness diary and it’s helping to keep them accountable. Getting likes for your fit selfie will definitely motivate you to stay on track!

14. Replace your Water Bottle

Millennials care for the environment, too and that is why they replaced the BPA water bottles for the reusable kind. BPA bottles are not only bad for the environment but can decrease fertility and have also been linked to obesity. Buy a reusable, BPA-free water bottle and aim to sip half of your body weight in water ounces per day.

15. Get Spicy

Sriracha has become an obsession for 20-somethings. That’s why you may have noticed most leading fast food chains have incorporated it into their menus. Adding this ingredient will help you lose some pounds by increasing body heat, decreasing appetite and increasing your metabolic rate. So, try adding some spice to your meals to burn extra calories!

16. Dress for Success

The ‘athleisure’ segment of the retail industry has been growing fast in recent years. Millennials want to fit their workouts in whenever it’s possible, so they opt for the fancy fitness clothes even if they are not actually going to the gym. It’s great because this clothing is comfortable and encourages you to move during the day.

If you can’t imagine walking around in yoga pants and sneakers, wear jeans. People who wear jeans to the office take 500 more steps a day than those who wear professional clothes. And, the more you move, the easier you’ll get the body you’ve always wanted.

Wish you could turn back the clock and regain your youthful body? Check out these 16 incredible secrets young women are using today to keep them slim and help them lose weight!

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