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12 Best Portable Fitness Products To Lose Weight

Tired of the usual gimmicks and fads promising to give you a tiny waist and obliterate your tummy pooch? Bow-Flex, Thighmaster, 8 Minute Abs and The Shake Weight – there’s always a slew of fitness fads that come and go.

Are you tired of the usual gimmicks and fads promising miraculous weight loss? Fallen off the workout bandwagon? I've put together a list of light-weight and portable fitness products to fit my busy schedule that keep me motivated and moving forward!

I always find I’m dedicated to my routine at the start of the year but fall off the bandwagon as the year goes on. Because of this familiar cycle I decided to look into products that will fit my busy schedule. Light-weight and portable options with wearable tech that tracks my progress and helps motivate me to keep moving forward.

This article is a list of the most popular fitness products that are convenient, portable and actually help you reach your fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you prefer or whether you’re a beginner or expert – there are a number of great fitness products that you can use everyday.

I hope you like the ideas I’ve put together in this article and I may receive a portion of sales from any products purchased but you won’t pay any extra 🙂

Tangle-Free Jump Rope For Cardio Anytime

Source: Amazon

If you find yourself too busy to go for a run or head to the gym and hit the elliptical try this jump rope. It’s small and lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere. You can do all sorts of cardio with it – double unders, criss crosses, high knees and all your favorite jump rope steps. It comes with a downloadable exercise manual and is perfect whether you’re a beginner or expert.

Never miss your cardio with this jump rope for $10 on Amazon

Fitness Tracker Loaded With Features

Source: Amazon

Fitbits have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years and just keep getting better. This is by far the most popular Fitbit model with over 8,500 5-star reviews on Amazon. The One Wireless Activity Tracker is loaded with features and priced considerably lower than its competitors.

It syncs automatically with all your devices – phone, tablet and computer. This makes it easy to track your goals and view progress. Some of the features include tracking steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed. It also monitors how long and well you sleep with a silent alarm that won’t wake your partner.

Get your Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker for $99 on Amazon

Sweat-Resistant Waistband Pouch For Hands Free Workouts

Source: Amazon

This highly rated runners belt acts as a fanny pack but is far more comfortable. In fact the reviews say you’ll barely notice it’s there even on long runs! There’s a large pocket for your phone with an opening for your headphones and a smaller pocket for your keys and cards.

It is sweat and water resistant and has reflective darts to keep you safe – washable too. Whether you’re on a hike or doing an outdoor workout this belt will keep your belongings safe.

Grab this nifty running pouch belt for $15 on Amazon

Resistance Bands For A Full-Body Workout On The Go

Source: Amazon

I love resistance bands because they’re super portable when I need to work out on the go. This heavy duty set includes 5 bands ranging from x-light to x-heavy in resistance. It also includes an instructional booklet, carry bag, eBook and online videos guiding you through a huge range of workouts – from stretching to strength training.

Get your set of resistance bands today for $12 on Amazon

Exercise Ball For The Home Or Office (Doubles As An Ergonomic Chair!)

Source: Amazon

Great for improving your balance, posture and toning your stomach by strengthening your core. This ball comes in 4 sizes and is so versatile – perfect for strength training, yoga, crossfit and pilates.

It also doubles as a desk chair replacement which forces you to keep good posture – a great addition to the office. It comes with instructional videos and guides which cover a wide range of workouts from core strengthening to chest training to yoga moves.

Order a Live Infinitely Exercise Ball for your office today, $14-$25 on Amazon

Most Sold Non-Chaffing Sports Bra On Amazon

Source: Amazon

Having the right clothing is just as important as having the right equipment when it comes to your workouts. This sports bra is one of the best on amazon with over 1600 positive reviews. Its seamless design is both supportive and comfortable and it comes in 5 sizes and over 15 colors.

Get your Champion Women’s Freedom Sport Bra for $16 on Amazon

Simply Fit Balance Board from Shark Tank

Source: Amazon

The famous Simply Fit Board from Shark Tank is great for a fun, easy and effective workout. It works on all body types and helps to strengthen and tone your tummy, legs, butt and thighs. Standing on the board you have to keep your core tight while improving your balance and strengthening your muscles. If you’re after a workout with a twist that’s more entertaining than the gym this balance board is for you!

Simply Fit Board for $40 on Amazon

Universal Smartphone Mount for your Bike or Stroller

Source: Amazon

Everyone needs a non-slip phone mount if you’re out riding your bike or perhaps jogging with a stroller. This one works with all devices and is super easy to install which makes it so practical. No more reaching around in your pockets to change song or check messages – a must have.

Grab this nifty phone mount for $15 on Amazon

Therapeutic Foam Roller to Ease Muscle Pain

Source: Amazon

A foam roller is a necessity when you’re working out to ease muscle pain. Nothing is more relaxing than a foam rolling session after a tough workout. They’re great at preventing injuries so make sure you use a roller regularly. This affordable high density foam roller is lightweight and maintains its shape even after heavy use.

Get yourself this foam roller for $19 on Amazon

Easy-to-use and Portable Ab Roller Wheel

Source: Amazon

Another great piece of equipment that you can take with you anywhere. This ab roller works your core, arms and shoulders with one simple exercise. It has easy-grip non-slip handles and comes with a fitness guide that includes a range of exercises.

The Valeo Ab Roller is only $10 on Amazon

Comfortable Grip Kettlebells For Total Body Workouts

Source: Amazon

Kettlebells are always a great option for total body workouts. They take up minimal amounts of space and are just so effective and easy to use. These kettlebells are designed to have a more comfortable grip with a sleeker profile and smoother surface. You can grab a set that includes a 5-pound, 10-pound and 15-pound kettlebell and a workout DVD.

Get your set of kettlebells for $40 on Amazon

Extra Long Cooling Towel That Changes Color

Source: Amazon

Cooling towels are great for those intense workout programs like crossfit or when you’ve built up a sweat running. This cooling towel is special because it changes color when you need to reinvigorate it with water. It’s made with a breathable mesh and is extra long measuring 12-inches by 40-inches. To use all you have to do is add water, ring it out, give it a quick snap then drape it behind your neck or head – easy!

Get your Color Changing Magic Mesh Cooling Towel for $10 on Amazon


Are you tired of the usual gimmicks and fads promising miraculous weight loss? Fallen off the workout bandwagon? I've put together a list of light-weight and portable fitness products to fit my busy schedule that keep me motivated and moving forward!